I hope you will become as inspired as I have been,
visiting the various Immersive Environments I have developed,
and sample some of the various Models that I have created during the years.
My inspiration came from using the forums of the various programs I have used through the many years.
I've met with some very talented, skilled and generous people.

My career began with a 4 year Carpentry/Joinery apprenticeship. After leaving College with a handful of City & Guilds, Credits and Distinctions, along with Most Achieved Student of 4 Years, I began a 35 year experience in the Building/Construction Industry. Achieving Management status at the tender age of 20 (youngest in Europe at the time), my creative juices were flowing.

In 1996 I purchased a series of programs that allowed me to create Virtual structures, that users could walk through and I could make
Machinima (Digital Movies) for general display and transportability.
In 1999, on a return trip from the South Atlantic, I discovered a Virtual Reality program by Adobe, called Atmosphere. For the next 4+ years, I could express my creativity in ways unheard of, creating large and somewhat detailed for the time, whole environments.
I could see the massive potentials for Immersive Environments created with Virtual Reality.

I spent several years in a variety of Virtual Reality platforms, including Second Life™ where I developed several companies dealing with a wide range of clientele, including some of the worlds top 50 listed companies. Often giving seminars and lectures on the potentials for Immersive Environments.
In 2009 I created a two way, live communication and interactive link up, between a 25th Anniversary celebration of a Swiss Pension Company, and a similar staged event in Second Life™.

I have been enjoying the creative processes of developing my own Immersive Environments, including learning Model making, which I share here, along with short tutorials for anyone starting out.

Immersive-Games was been formed as an outlet targetted at releasing many of the models,
scene props and even whole scenes into the community.


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